Maison Financier

“Maison Financier” is a unique champagne bar in Lausanne launched in 2009 by two brothers: Romain and Andrea Botazzini. Champagne and fine pastries are on the menu!
They first asked me for a mural. After a brief brainstorming we finally decided a tryptic would be more “classy”
I twisted the perspective to energized this classic food and wine theme.

hybrid Travel​


This is a special order for Australian “Hybrid Travel” agency’s owner, Brett Howell. Hybrid travel is a full service, adventure travel company that specialises in organising worldwide festival tours and Once in a lifetime, Solar Eclipse Tours. Brett needed a fluo painted triptic used as a portable glowing in the dark signboard, easy to set up and travel with .That’s why those paintings are equiped with eyelets and come rolled in a pvc tube.
The central piece represents a total solar eclipse and its phases spreading on both sides. The left and right pieces contain some typicaly Australian features such as gum trees, desertic landscapes and ayers rocks, some are even flying! The central piece can be removed and used seperatly, the two sides together then create a totem made of stylized acacia flowers and leaves. Acacia is both one of the symbol of Australia and a great source of DMT...

Chaos Windows

“Chaos Window was a concept that I had and chose Antoine to paint it since we have a great bond- he came and did party deco at my festival three times and people would mistake him for me and me for him. We are like brothers. He painted it over a week span while staying at my house and I would give some direction while he did the painting. So, the concept was to have things be very chaotic and random in the outer world's from ourselves and through our senses these elements get adjusted and formed into ideas that we can understand within our mind. The 3rd piece on the right is what was created in the girl's mind after experiencing the chaos in front of her. There is a lot of personally meaningful imagery in the painting such as the pink balls, the Koh Phangan Thailand mountain horizon, and the girl. I have it on my wall and, every so often, I notice a new little thing that Antoine added”​

James Katalyst