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Even Soot, “Scorpius shop” owner and founder discovered my art in 2006, during a multi-media art exhibition near Melbourne, Australia.

He got in contact with me two years later and I started painting his mural in early April 2008 in Oslo, Norway. It took me and Valentin Michaut

3 months (some 500 hours) to achieve it!

We set up a scaffolding against this 130 square meters wall and covered it with large​ plastic sheets to protect the mural from sight untill it was done. That was a big issue!

I could neither project my sketches on the wall nor step back to check out my work in progress. Thus I had to grid the area to be painted to match the design allowing the image to be scaled accurately step by step.
Even wanted some signs to appear in the design such as an Indian Ohm, stars, the Osiris eye etc... apart from that, he gave me carte blanche.

Scorpius Shop Mural Oslo 2008

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