Strongly inspired by Moebius’s creatures: the “Hypo-Ornithorynque” appearing in “The Masters of Time” a 1982 animated science fiction feature film directed by René Laloux, the Shmees are gentle imaginary animals i created, i think just after i have seen the movie when it was released. The name “Shmee” came to me like that! I didn’t really realise the meaning of it in english (i’m french remember?) It just sounded good to me! Anyway i have found out some appropriate definitions in a urban dictionary a couple of years ago such as:
A word expressing glee
A person who is really cute....and they are cute aren’t they?
A feline of any species.....well, why not?
They can either fly, swim, crawl or even drive a motorbike!
They are often a bit chubby and have a very long nose more like an elephant trunk.
Each painting is named after its owner
The technic is acrylic paint on canvas or wood panel
I made them when Kevin was 9 years old, Julie was 8, Mélis, Elisa and Otis where hardly a couple of months and Valentin would be born two days after i finished the painting.

I love painting those funny lovely animals, they are deeply anchored to my childhood!